The special Day

The four chapters about the “Special Day“ are coherent and consecutive and best read one after another for better understanding, but can be also read as single articles.

One Day in Eden

In that time God called the creation into existence it was surely an incredible glorious sight. Even though it must have beyond imagination, still we want to imagine it for a moment ...


Before the eyes of the young couple extends a world full of miracles as they stand next to Christ. The majestic trees, the abundance of flowers, the clear streams and lakes, and a great variety of animals, which Christ together with God the Father has created in six days, all reveals harmony and beauty. And on this sixth day also Adam and Eve have been created, and God united them in their marriage covenant.

A long and eventful day is coming to an end. The sun sinks into the sparkling sea and thus the seventh Day of the creation begins. The glowing colors of the sunset paint the sky and seem to welcome this Day in a special way. Everything is bathed in a warm light which makes the landscape gleam, while the full moon in golden glory rises on the eastern horizon above the forested hills.

Christ gazes at this new world before Him. He caresses Eve's long hair and puts his arm around Adam’s shoulder, while pointing to the glowing sky and the mountains. “Can you see my creation? It is a gift for you, as well as this new Day, by which the Father and I complete the creation. We will spend this special Day with you and rest. Therefore we have blessed and sanctified it as our divine Day of rest. Your earth is a testimony of God’s abundant goodness to the whole universe. This crowning seventh Day will be also an eternal sign of our strong love, a Day serving as a revelation of our character. It will be a bond between us and you. For it will remind you always of the Holy Spirit, the Father and me being your Creators, and that you are our children whom we love.“

Now Adam and Eve hear some angels greeting the seventh Day of the creation with a joyful song by praising God. More and more angels add their voices in harmony, and finally the heavenly hosts of angels unite in a magnificent choir. Adam and Eve join in the singing with grateful hearts. The melody of the sacred Day rises into the sky until the vast universe resounds of it as if a thousand harps would make it ring, and the joy in this song reaches every heart.

God created the world and the two humans as his children – He united himself with them. And as He looks into their eyes, He can see the reflection of his own eyes in theirs ...

God’s Covenant of Love
in the Creation, in the Ten Covenant Words, and in His Sanctuary

This Day truly became a crowning Day. But what makes that Day so special? God himself reveals in his written Word a special order in the days of creation, in the ten Words of his Covenant and in the Sanctuary – and by this also the special position and mission of God’s seventh Day. It is surprising what kind of connections come to light. Thus the seventh Day means so much more than being just a day of rest. And God neither fixed it arbitrarily nor did He give it as a test. Instead it reveals something important about God and his goal and his greatest desire.

God gave us the seventh Day as a gift,
a Day, which is able to illuminate God’s mystery to us, since ...


‘It is indeed a pleasure to God
to let us know his Mystery
which has been hidden
but now has been revealed.’

i. Ephesians 1:9; Colossians 1:26

Jaimée M.