Care and Freedom

While driving to a horse farm fields of sunflowers pass by the car window at Siana’s side of the seat. In this picturesque landscape Khenn finally turns off the main road. A little later Siana stands with her dad at the fence of a round pen and watches Khenn taking care of a young horse who no longer would let people put on a halter since in a fight with another horse it got hit by a hoof at its ears.

Khenn strokes the young stallion, with his hand he glides from his nostrils further up the head and cautiously towards the ears. But in this moment the young horse becomes nervous and with a snort it runs away. It gallops a few rounds. Khenn steps backwards, and the horse trots trustingly back to him. Khenn works patiently and with a lot of stroking and praising. He takes time. When the young horse becomes tense, he withdraws his hand, gropes again his way towards the critical zone, comes closer and closer until at last he holds the ears in his hands ... and the horse stays completely calm with him! As if he would hold an invisible rope in his hand he leads the horse to the gate, opens it, and the horse follows him fully free across the yard to the pasture. Totally amazed Siana accompanies also her dad to the pasture and finally stands with Khenn in middle of the herd. He strokes the stallion’s head, and Siana pulls thoughtfully her fingers through his mane.

“Khenn, may I ask you something?”

He lifts his head, “Of course.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to tie the horse up in order to reach its ears much faster?”

“Siana, what would you like to do, if you fear something?”

“I would like to run away.”

“But what would you do, if someone would hold you tight or ties you up?”

“I would panic and lash out and scratch and bite.” She has to smile, “Okay, I got the point.”

“Siana, the young stallion had the freedom to go away when the tenseness became unbearable to him. He trusted me, because he could decide himself. Therefore he worked voluntarily with me on the problem.”

“So trust has to do with freedom.”

“That’s right. As well as with the bond you have to one another, and to believe because of this intimate bond.”

“That is interesting. The medieval German word for faith had its root in a word which means ‘intimate, liking, loving, affirmative’.”

Siana becomes quiet and thinks about it, since faith and to believe means therefore as well, that one makes a clear decision for God, is affirmative towards Him and trusts Him, because one has understood, that God does not force, He gives to everyone the freedom to decide. And one can depend on Him. And that is trust ...

Trust, freedom to decide, and the knowledge, that one can depend on God are also one of the foundations which will lead us humans through the described times in the Book of Revelation. In this Book of the Bible we find the fight between good and evil, between freedom and force. But in all these conflicts the Book of Revelation opens to us the Good Message, that God at the end will be victorious over fear, disaster and persecution ... and that He never forsakes us. We will see God’s work of salvation and redemption in the universe and in our own lives. Therefore the following pages don’t want to be a theoretical treatise, but much more a look on God’s character and his Plan of Salvation in the Letter of the Revelation and the Bible. So may we be positively surprised how much God is able to give us confidence through the Book of Revelation and how much He thus can enrich our lives.

God’s Word is a Revelation, and the Revelation is a Good Message,

since God takes good care of us ... God is good.