The four Seasons

... have all their own special beauty, and every day surprises us with something new and unexpected. In daily life, at work, in quiet times, and at night we are never alone. There is Someone who continually takes care of us and accompanies us through our days and through the years.

I realized this especially by an experience I had being a nine year old girl. When we as children attended school in our third grade we had to participate in a procession and needed to walk in pairs in the row. But we girls were an uneven number, and I was left over. There I stood alone and was almost in tears. But suddenly it was as if I hear a voice speaking to me in my mind: “You don’t have to walk alone. Jesus walks with you!” This comforted me so much that now I would cheerfully walk along in the row, but not in the middle of my space but on one side, since on the other side I left the space for Jesus of whom I knew now, He walks with me.

This is something we can be sure of: We are really never alone in life, Jesus stays at our side. He gives us so many little experiences with Him, and if we open our eyes we begin to see them. Those little experiences therefore contain a lot of wisdom and knowledge, if we discover them as heavenly treasures on earth.

Through the years I wrote down such little experiences – in letters to friends and acquaintances in the whole world, some in my diary which I used to write for a couple of years, and some just as notes on scrap paper or as articles. Those collected stories finally formed a book in German, and I called it “Alle Tage vom Himmel umarmt – Every Day embraced by Heaven”.

So may these stories be like a flower bouquet from all four seasons, which I want to dedicate to you and to our heavenly Father. May those following pages open like flower buds and be a living testimony of how Heaven connects with the earth and presents us flowers from eternity. Every day we are embraced by Heaven ...

since our heavenly Father wants to be with us every day and walk at our side.