A Rose and a Homepage

How did this Homepage came into existence and why with this content and title?

It is actually a story based on the point that our life is like a rose. When in painful times I only saw the thorns around me, God would give me little fragrant joys, and made eventually the good and the beautiful flourish again. He wants us to grow and to unfold ... and invisible He supports us to do so – and often from us unnoticed.

When I look back I recognize how He guided me also in my life. Because of my experiences with Him and the studies at a Theological Seminary the desire grew in my heart to share it all with others. Since I already liked to write stories as a child in school, and since the Bible became a treasure to me already when I was a teenager, this was the motivation to really begin with the work of an author. Thus during seven years of research and studying the first book was written, a story I could work into some of what I had experienced, and which also holds the little story “Uniquely Loved”. In the following years more books were published. And at last after months of revising, compiling and arranging this Homepage came into existence, which I like to dedicate to God’s unfailing Love.

That this Homepage holds as a subtitle the name RoseGeN, as well as the Editions of my books, has of course its own meaningful story, which will be told on the following page.

And so I want to thank here all of them who supported me in this work, who accompanied me on my way, and whose fervour and joy repeatedly encouraged me. It is said: “Everyone we touch and we are touched by leaves something of him in us.” Therefore I and my writings were and are enriched by this too.

At this point I also want to thank everyone visiting this homepage, since what would be a homepage not being read? And so this homepage receives its value also through you. May God bless every single one of you.

And someone else I want to thank: our heavenly Father – since to Him I owe the knowledge that we are unconditionally accepted by Him. We are worth living, moreover, He wants to give your life eternal value because ... God loves you so.

RoseGeN – a Name and its Meaning

Why did this Homepage receive the name RoseGeN as a subtitle, as well as the Editions of my books? On one hand I love historical and English Roses with their sweet scent. On the other hand for a very long time I was searching for a German name to publishing the books, which would have a deeper meaning, and in addition should be intelligible in English and French as well.

So what is now the meaning behind this special name?

The Gen represents the search of renowned scientists for the origin of life and their conclusion that the information in the gene-helices cannot possibly have developed by itself but must have been written and created by a highly intelligent Designer.

The Rose is a picture for mankind. Humans have the ability to love and to give themselves – like the Rose its scent. But the Rose has also thorns which can hurt.

GeN is also the shortens Gee eN for Good News – since the Gen speaks of the Good News of the One, who no longer is an unknown Designer but a Father, who penetrated the invisible and became visible. It is He who goes after men to save them from their self-destruction, who tries to gain their trust so that they may listen to Him and He may be able to heal them inwardly, and by this they may bloom like a Rose. For their trust He was willing to die, and to endure the wounds caused by the thorns ... because He loves.

God is therefore no longer a distant God, He is near. Therefore the abbreviation GeN stands also for God’s eternal Nearness.

The evidence of God’s existence revealed by the Gen, his unconditional love and acceptance as well as his nearness – all of it is Good News for mankind ... Good News for the Rose – RoseGeN.

Therefore may this message – this Good News – continually enrich our lives. That is my desire.

With kind regards