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Leading Motive of the Author

  • In all her presentations, works and books are the main motives of the Author Jaimée M. Seis:

’God's Character of Love in the Old and New Testament
and the Good News of God’s Revelation’

  • These motives are the bases of all the texts and the content of this Homepage, as well of the desire that through the experiences with God and the revelation of God’s love the texts of this Homepage may become a joy, may encourage, motivate, inspire, and strengthen trust and faith und thus become a blessing.
  • The Author is also a honorary and voluntary worker for the Orphanage Organization:
    CFI Internationale Kinderhilfe Deutschland,,
    ICC International Children’s Care,

Important Remarks on the Usage of the Content

  • First, understandably, some necessary remarks: The pages of this Homepage having the Copyright of the Author in the foot note, and thus all the works, content, pictures and photos of these pages, are subject to the German Copyright law, and therefore are not free for publishing and commercial usage and processing, also not for any use which would distort or change the meaning and sense of the text, such as including them in a changed, distorted way in papers, documents, works and other websites as well as using the photos for printing or including them in websites. All of this of course are things which are on the heart of every author, so that their works may be protected and used in a good sense and manner.
  • The texts with solely the Author mentioned in the footnote are nevertheless free and be very welcome to a positive private und personal use faithful to the meaning of the text in private and personal areas, for spreading the Gospel in a good sense and according to the intention of the Author, to encourage, to use it for one’s own good use or in group studies and Bible groups. Some of these pages are also available in printed form as books, as mentioned in the footnotes of those texts. Information on these books can be found under ’Books’.
  • Further options for the usage and the spreading and duplication of the material including the pictures can be very much inquired and spoken to the Author about and arranged with her. If such a need exists, the Author may be contacted for co work or permission at any time.
  • The texts of ‘His Story’ and ‘Plan d’amour’, which contain in addition the Copyright of the publishing house Top Life Wegweiser-Verlag in the footnote, are in this case also under the copyright- protection of the publishing house, which too prohibits commercial printing and duplication in any way, as well as any other use which would change or distort the meaning of the text. But the complete texts are also available in printed form as booklets at the addresses under ’Books’. And the texts of these two pages may also serve in private and personal areas in a positive and faithful sense and true to the meaning of the text for God’s Glory, and in order to make known his love.
  • All honest, upright and friendly questions and remarks are gratefully received – also the notification or information of mistakes concerning the Homepage ... especially since English is not my mother tongue (please take therefore mistakes, maybe strange expressions and grammar constructions calmly and unperturbed). If possible such questions and remarks will be answered. See ‘Contact’. Thank you very much for every positive support and such help.

  • Questions, suggestions and ideas – especially for spreading the Good News – are always be gratefully welcome. God may bless everyone for every support and cooperation.

  • And may the content of this Homepage become truly a blessing as it already has been and still is for the Author. May it be a joy to everyone, with a Thank you to you.

With kind regards 

Abbreviations for the Books of the Bible

Old Testament

New Testament

Abbreviations and Symbols in Bible Texts and Bible Verse Declarations

  • The abbreviation ‘i.’ in Bible verse declarations means ‘in’ and points to the corresponding passage or verse in the Bible whereby the Bible text on this page has been rendered according to the Biblical, Hebrew or Greek meaning into a present-day English, mainly translated from the corresponding German passages and German Bible verses, which are partly summarized.
  • The abbreviation ‘s.’ in Bible verse declarations means ‘see’, and the reference for the statement can be found in those corresponding Bible passages.
  • The abbreviation v. before a Bible verse declaration means ‘verse’.
  • Single quotation marks before and after a text followed by a Bible verse declaration indicate where a Bible text begins and ends.

  • Double quotation marks replace the single quotation marks if the Bible text is a direct speech.
  • The word “from” before Bible verse declarations means: The noted Bible texts are excerpts of those Bible verses or Bible passages.
  • The letter a after the verse number of a Bible verse declaration means: The first part of the Bible verse has been quoted.
  • The letter b after the verse number of a Bible verse declaration means: The middle or second part of the Bible verse has been quoted.
  • The letter c after the verse number of a Bible verse declaration means: The last part of the Bible verse has been quoted.
  • Words in those brackets < > in quoted Bible verses mean: Those words replace personal pronouns with the person itself if needed for understanding of the Bible text, or they are comprehensive expressions according to the Biblical, Hebrew or Greek meaning, or are translated words on the bases of the German corresponding passages and German Bible verses.
  • A short dash - between two Bible verses means: The Bible verse after the dash is a quotation of another Bible passage according to the listed Bible verse declarations in the brackets.
  • Highlights in the Bible texts are – except in Maleachi 2,10 - inserted by the Author.

Bible Versions and their Abbreviations

  • Nasb: New American Standard Bible © 1995 by The Lockman Foundation LaHabra, Calif. U.S.A.
  • Nkjv: New King James Version, © 1982, Thomas Nelson and Sons, Nashville, U.S.A.
  • Esv: English Standard Version, © 2001 Zondervan Bible Publishers, Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A.
  • Net: New English Translation, © 1996-2006 by Biblical Studies Press L.L.C. all rights reserved
  • Rsv: Revised Standard Version, © 1971 Zondervan Bible Publishers, Grand Rapids, Michigan, U.S.A.
  • Bs: La Bible Segond 21, © 2007 Société Biblique de Genève, Switzerland.

Further Reference Books

  • Hebrew and Greek Word Concordance:
    Strong James, The new Strong's exhaustive Concordance of the Bible, © 1990, Thomas Nelson Publishers, U.S.A
  • German Bible:
    Revidierte Elberfelder Bibel, © 1985, 1992, SCM R. Brockhaus, Witten, Germany
  • German Bible Encyclopedia:
    Rienecker Fritz, Lexikon zur Bibel, © 1985 R. Brockhaus Verlag, Wuppertal, Germany

Additional Information on certain Menu Pages

Concerning the Start Page ‘Home’, ‘Poetry’, ‘Revelation’ and ‘Insights’

The stories ”Uniquely Loved“, “Messenger of Joy”, “Care and Freedom” and “The Desert will flower” are under Copyright of the Author © 2007 Jaimée M. Seis. These are translations of German texts which are also included in the German Book “Wie eine Perle in meiner Hand“ (Like a Pearl in my Hand). Inspired by a true story and with included incidents which truly happened, tells this book vividly the story of a father and his daughter ... and like a parable about the Father who is behind it.
The Stories ”Uniquely Loved“, “Messenger of Joy”, “Care and Freedom” and “The Desert will flower”, © 2007 Jaimée M. Seis.
“Wie eine Perle in meiner Hand“, Jaimée M. © 2013 Top Life Wegweiser-Verlag, Vienna, Austria. Information on the book under ‘Books’

Concerning the Page ‘Knowing God’

Concerning ‘His Story’ and ‘Plan d’amour’

These texts of the Author are by kind permission of the publishing house shortened and slightly changed excerpts from the booklets ”Plan of Love“ and ‘Plan d’amour’ , which is also available in German.
The unabridged versions as booklets: Jaimée M. © 2014 Top Life Wegweiser-Verlag, Vienna, Austria. Information under ‘Books’

Concerning the Page ‘Poetry’

Concerning ‘Prayers and Answers’ on the Poem ‘Eternally Father and Child’

The equivalent contents of the texts in “Eternally Father and Child” can be found in the following Bible Verses:

God is Father, we are Children: Rom 8:15-17

My Father:
at the end, I see: Job 19:25-27 - help me to trust: Mk 9:24

My Child:
almond tree, word comes true: Jer 1:11-12 - come, wont cast out: Jn 6:37 -
never leave: Deut 14:27 - always with you: Jn 14:16-18 - overcame world: Jn 16:33 -

come, give rest: Mt 11:28,29 - listen: Is: 55:3 - come, learn: Jn 6:45; 13:15 -
I free you: Jn 8:32,34-36 - to know Him is life: Jn 17:3 - I bow down: Ps 40:1 -
wipe away tears: Is 25:8 - I answer: Is 65:24 - I comfort: Is 51:12 - Here I am: Is 52:6 -
I heal: Is 57:19 - I give peace: Phil 4:7 - fear not, I strengthen, help: Is 41:10 - I carry you: Is 46:4 -

created and redeemed you: Is 43:1 - everlasting love: Jer 31:3 - eternal covenant: Hos 2:21 -
rejoice over you : Is 62:5 - make you excellence: Is 60:15 -
friends: Jn 15:13,15 - precious: Is 43:4 - laid down my life: Jn 10:11 -
inscribed you in my hands: Is 49:16 - your Father: Is 63:16

Concerning the Pages ‘Revelation’ and ‘Special Day’

My gratitude belongs to the theologians and scientists of whose publications and presentations I could profit, and also to the German Professor, who supported me while I processed the content of these pages. They inspired me to study the Bible myself and the topic of the seventh Day as well as the Book of Revelation, and to publish the outcome of these studies.

Most of all I want to thank our God for his help and guidance and for the treasure of his Bible.