The Mystery

“Sara, quick! Come with me!” Manuel met with his study colleague in order to learn for the university. He now takes her by her hand and pulls her along with him.

Surprised she follows him stumbling. “What’s going on?”

“You will see it immediately ... and especially hear it.” He takes her with him outside onto the balcony. A soft autumn wind rustles in the trees and makes the branches wave.

“Do you hear it?” whispers Manuel and points up to the sky.

“Sara lifts her head. Melodious whistling calls resound through the sky. “Yes, I can hear it.”, she whispers back. “What is this? It sounds beautiful.”

“Those are cranes. They fly to a warmer country.” He searches the sky, but because of the trees he can’t discover them. So they both just listen until the calling ebbs out in the distance. Manuel takes a relaxed breath and turns to Sara. She looks at him. “Manuel, I wish I could like the cranes sometimes leave this cold world behind me”, she sighs. “When we watch the world today one may wonder, what will be the end of it all? Why is there so much suffering and pain? If God exists why does He allow all of these terrible things to happen?”

“God has his plans and ways, which we quite often do not understand. But He will lead everything to a good end, since He has only our wellbeing in mind.” Manuel answers seriously.

Sara brushes her hair out of her face. “God is good, you say? To me He has been pictured as severe and punishing. How could one possibly trust such a God?”

“Sara, the question is: When did this trust actually was smashed?”

She shakes her head. “The question is, whether the Bible is true anyway.”

“I think the Bible testifies for itself. What has been written always turned out to be true until now, and God’s prophesies always were fulfilled. Also Christ’s birth and appearance was foretold. And by his coming the most serious questions have been answered.”

“But my questions haven’t been answered yet, Manuel. Why did Jesus need to be born anyway? And why did He have to die? To me this is inexplicable and so many things are just a mystery to me.”

“Are you interested to understand this mystery?” Manuel watches her attentively. The spring sun in the blue sky shines through the blooming branches of the trees and touches gently Sara’s face. She nods towards Manuel as an answer to his question.

“Well, then I will try to tell you everything in a general perspective. The backgrounds may eventually give you a new view on world events. It is like a large panoramic view on the story of the universe, and it explains to us the importance of the earth and the value of every person. Somewhere out there in the universe it all began, what now is a mystery to us – but a mystery that God has revealed to us. Sara, the old Scriptures of the Bible unfold to us a chronicle which had its beginning in a time immemorial and still goes on today. It is God’s story. And it is also ours. You and I, we are a part of this story and can participate in shaping it, since it is God’s legacy to us ... and we will start to understand God ... So, come with me, I would like to tell you His Story ...”

And the following page with the title “His Story“ tells of it. All the events narrated in this story are thoroughly researched too and retold on the basis of the Biblical reports. The historical backgrounds and the meanings of the words in the original languages of the Bible are very much helpful in understanding the deep meanings and the contexts of Biblical stories. This kind of information came partly from writings which match old Jewish records, and from reference books like Bible encyclopaedias and a Hebrew-Greek-Word Concordance.

The foundation however is and will be always the Bible itself since it is the source of all truth and wisdom. It verifies also the existence of the Holy Spirit as a Person – especially at the baptism of Jesus and at the creation. The Holy Spirit speaks to men through their conscience. He can be everywhere simultaneously since He is fully God, omnipotent and omnipresent. He can do things which surpass any human imagination. At the same time He is as fully love as God Father and Son.

Jesus in turn reveals according to his own words visibly the character of God – how God thinks, feels, acts ... and loves. And God loves this much, that each One of the divine Trinity sacrificed themselves at the cross – even though we only can grasp it through Jesus. Still every One of Them suffered at the cross the same pain Jesus had to endure.

God Father, Son and Holy Spirit give their utmost for us; They are very much worthy of our trust. Thus God’s own story tells us of this unbroken love for us. It is a love that lasts ... and we begin to understand and to know God.