Messenger of Joy

Khenn is standing on a rocky mountain top, and it seems to him, as if the sky would wrap him up. The mountain landscape lies almost completely around him at his feet: ravines, valleys, woody hills, bare mountain ridges afar ... and such a limitless horizon. Besides the mountain peak in the west the sun has already set, and above the far mountain chains in the east the full moon climbs up to the first stars.

“Khenn, you were right”, he hears Siana saying beside him with an admiring voice. “This view and this sky are really worth it to drive here.”

Khenn points with hand to the mountains. “Maybe the Prophet Isaiah in the Bible had a similar picture in mind when he wrote certain poetic verses.”

“Which verses do you mean?’”

„Climb on a high mountain, o you, messenger of joy
Call with a loud voice, call out to all, “Behold, there is your God!
The Lord comes, He fights with a mighty arm and reigns as a King.
His own reward is with Him and his recompense walks in front of Him.
This is his own flock, his people, which He tends like a caring shepherd.
And on his arm He carries the lambs, safe in the bosom at his heart.

Tell me, who can mark off the heavens by the span?
and weigh the mountain in a balance and the hills in a pair of scales?
And who can grasp the Sprit of the Lord?
Have you not known, or have you not heard of it?
The Lord is an eternal God. He is the Creator of the whole world.
He does not become weary or tired in his working,

and immeasurable is his wisdom.”“

”Khenn, these verses mean a lot to me too.“, explains Siana thoughtfully. “On one hand they express the greatness of God and on the other hand they give us the knowledge that He leads us and cares for us. We are even this precious to Him, that He fights for us and carries us. All of it helps me to understand, that close to Him I am really save ... And why do you like them?”

“Because all of it what you summarized now means actually true joy and happiness: To know of being loved, and to love back.”

The mountains warp themselves into the royal blue coat of the night which is embroidered with uncountable stars. Siana embraces herself, as if she would like to cuddle up inside this coat. “Khenn, you summarized it even more to its essence. Like in your favourite verse: ‘We love, since He first loved us.”

This story illustrates a little bit, that the Word of God contains also a beauty in poems and poetry, even up to masterly and brilliant art of poetry. Already the creation testifies that God owns the highest mind of aesthetic and beauty ... and also knows to express it. And these lyrical Bible passages, which He imparted to us through his prophets and servants, tell us of God’s deepest thoughts in ways which are able to touch us. Therefore the following pages are dedicated to lyrical texts, which either are from the Bible or lead to the Bible ... and which in the end would like to draw us to our Father and Creator God, which loves us and reveals this to us in so many facets.