Bild mit Rose und der Aufschrift Gott liebt dich soBild mit Rose und der Aufschrift Gott liebt dich so

You are Uniquely Loved

What is the deeper sense of this Homepage? And why does it hold this specific title? This may be shown by a little story of Siana, who meets her fiancé Gabriel and her dad at a cottage in the woods. Her fiancé leaves to go to the car, and when the gate shuts after him, Siana’s dad takes her into his arms.

“Siana-girl, I cannot think of a better husband for you than Gabriel. Even though I am ... terribly jealous. I still have a hard time to accept it.”

Siana cups his cheeks with her hands, raises on tiptoes and gives him a kiss on his forehead.

“Dad, I like to tell you something very important, something you should never forget.” She looks into his warm grey eyes. “Dad, I love you. This place in my life and in my heart belongs to you alone. I love Gabriel too. But the place he now occupies, this place was empty before. He does not crowd you out of your place. You have a place in my heart which no one else ever can fill. This specific love, dad, which unites me with you, belongs exclusively to you; you will never have to share it with anyone else. As much as you are unique, this love for you is unique too.

Dad, and this is exactly the same with God loving every single one of us in a very unique way. That’s why He misses every one of us so much. Thus every person, and consequently every love, is irreplaceable. There was a place in God’s heart which was empty. Even before He created you this place already belonged to you. No one else can fill it. Only you.” ...


Yes, there is a place in God’s heart, which already belonged to you even before you were born.
No one else can fill this place ...

Only you.

With best regards