The Gospel-Harmony

The content of “The Gospel-Harmony“ are after an explaining Introduction the parallel tables for the four Gospels in the Bible. In order to reach single tables they are listed here:

The Life of Jesus and its Meaning for us

It is a blessing to read of the Life of Jesus and thus to understand his acting ever better. He brought so much encouragement, empathy and comfort into this world. And what He said in his time is also valid for us today. Every word is written for us, with every word He speaks to us too.

In addition Jesus tells us: “If you see me, you see the Father.” That is why through Him we get to know God, the Father, how He really is like, how He acts and how much He loves us. Therefore it may become a special experience to read the Gospels intentionally with this thought in mind, that we see in them the Father. In these stories we may experience God in a very new way. And by this the Gospels take on an even more significant value.

So it became for me a blessing to read them parallel together with this aspect. In order to be able to share this blessing, for many months I studied and compared Gospel-Harmonies of various books and Bible Versions in connection with equivalent theological literature. The result was this certain succession of events in the following Gospel-Harmony, which after much serious consideration seemed to me the most logical succession—event though no one really knows it exactly.

This may raise the question, why the four writers of the Gospels chose different successions and descriptions. The explanation can be found in this, that exactly these light differences would confirm their valid authenticity in court, since it is known, that different people have different views of things and different memories of things and therefore keep in mind different main points of an incident. If the testimonies of different witnesses in court would exactly match it would prove that they have been falsified. Thus the differing successions and descriptions in the four Gospels testimonies are an evidence and proof for their trustworthy genuineness.

When now the Gospels have been read parallel according to the following Harmony, at the end the complete Gospels have been read through. May we by this realize the presence of God much more in our daily life. And may we experience God’s blessing and love by applying on ourselves the words and promises of Jesus—since Jesus perfectly reveals God’s love towards us ...

1, Jesus’ first Advent and Growing up

(30 Years: from 3 BC to Autumn 27)

2, Jesus’ Service for Judea

(1 1⁄2 Years: from Autumn 27 to the 1st Passover in 28 and to the 2nd Passover in 29)

3, Jesus’ Service for Galilee

(1 Year: from the 2nd Passover in 29 to the 3rd Passover in 30)

4, Jesus’ Service for the Disciples and Non-Jews

(1 Year from the 3rd to the 4th Passover in 31)

5, Jesus’ Service at the Week of Suffering until Ascension

(7 Weeks: 4th Passover in 31 + 40 Days)